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Thursday, June 17, 2004
  CIA Contractor Charged in Afghan Prisoner Beating Yahoo News reported a CIA Contractor Charged in Afghan Prisoner Beating

Yes, of course it is private citizens acting outside the guidelines of their authority that are to blame.

Oh, please. Anyone familiar with "consulting" engagements knows how hard consultants try to give their clients what they expect, their actions may be one of the truest manifestations of the client's (in this case the US Government's) desires.

Yes, it's a real bad reflection on the US Military and maybe more so, Commander in Chief Bush, but no fear. The rich and powerful seem to have great immunity in the Bush era.

Ordinary private citizens, however, will be held accountable for any suspicious activities or associations. White citizens, and Black, would do better than to talk to anyone who looks Middle Eastern (such as the many US Citizens of Middle Eastern heritage). 
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