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Monday, June 21, 2004
  China and US Republicans See Eye to ISP AP reports China Urges ISPs to Pledge 'Patriotism'. As much as I want to embrace all the people and cultures of the world, I reserve the right to be skeptical and critical of their Governments, and in China's case, I believe American philosophies of freedom are very contrary to China's priority on control of the people.

However, what China asks sounds frighteningly similar to what many conservative Americans would ask, especially in the wake of 9/11. I've got to wonder: if all Democrats were shipped off to French Giana tomorrow, would not a fully Republican U.S. pressure for similar levels of control?

Much of the way America is moving to control its people "in the war against terrorism", and the Machivellian methods the U.S. Government has been using against individuals in that "war", are disturbingly similar to what America has despised in other, un-democratic countries like China and Iraq.

There is a difference, as a huge number of Americans will tell you: we are in the right. They might even say "God is on our side" (as militant muslims are also known to say -- and believe).

President Bush would say he is doing God's work (and please Iraq, do not even think of creating a theocracy in your country, you are worshipping the wrong religion). 
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