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Friday, June 25, 2004
  Governor Favors Earlier Pet Killing - Schwarzenegger If your pet gets lost, you'd better find him/her very quickly if California Governor Schwarzenegger succeeds with his
proposal to allow quicker killing of pets at Animal Shelter

Movie-goers: Are you surprised? You've seen his movies; you know he's the Terminator.

We can save money by killing pets more quickly. Why let a pet have six days at an Animal Shelter for its owner to find it? I envision all these poor lost pets crying and yelping for help - but not for long.

Talk about blood for money. And how is the budget shortfall a pet's fault?

I guess the "I'm not a Nazi" angle is just too gruesome to mention, but really: doesn't this clarify his values vis-a-vis life? All these pens of lost animals (your cat, my dog) quickly and efficiently taken care of. Perhaps they could even refine their techniques - maybe counties could dogpool the animals to a central location for a final "shower scene".

The good news is that perhaps Disney would offer the Governor/actor a role if they make "Dalmations II". Who better to play Cruella DeVille?

Did he forget the angle about making money off the slaughtered animals furs to balance the budget? 
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