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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
  A Win? No, a Defeat, Sharper Minds Say. A man is born in a cave, finally comes out one night and rejoices. "I had no idea", he says, "that the world could be so bright!"

Elaine Cassel ignores the media and blogosphere hype on the recent detainee rulings and gets to the heart of it all in AlterNet: Rights and Liberties: A Defeat in Disguise?

When you think the recent rulings over, one can see Elaine is right: these folks are hosed, any paper victories aside. Or rather anyone of us is hosed, if our beloved Federal Government decides we're dangerous (whether or not they have _any_ proof). We have no effective recourse under the rulings given. The Government does not need to be right and an innocent individual has no opportunity to prove innocence.

Elaine puts the whole thing much more intelligently in the article mentioned, or any of her other articles.

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