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Thursday, July 01, 2004
  Here's True GigaRot: Defense bill will require export licenses for 650mHz Pentium III's CNN reports how Defense bill threatens IT exports.

You do not notice what isn't hurting you. U.S. Export rules for IT loosened greatly during the Clinton era - I say this because I was involved in IT exports, and lived with the rules. As one might observe, there was not a sudden resurgence in Communism due to the availability of PC's in the world at large. In fact, other parts of the world blossomed with opportunity and became more stable. Even the U.S. was more prosperous and stable.

IT technology is all manufactured overseas these days, and we are in a fight to lead in technology. Maybe the countries where the computers are made might elect to restrict shipments to the U.S.?

Who are these fools writing the Defense bill?

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