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Thursday, July 01, 2004
  Saddam in Court, Acting "Presidential"

As reported by CNN:

"Hughes said the defense will be pursuing a change of venue because 'any trial in Baghdad will not be fair.' Hughes said that under Iraqi law Saddam remains president of Iraq because he was overthrown in an illegal invasion. Therefore, he said, Saddam still has immunity from prosecution."

While it is hard for me to believe much of anyone would buy into Saddam's claims that "Bush is the criminal" or that Saddam did nothing wrong, it is fascinating, and a bit scary, to watch this in action. I suspect most crazy, violent despots see themselves in the right. If I am President for life, and my word is law, how can I do wrong?

Scary as well was Bush's speech in Turkey this week, talking about "freedom" spreading to the region. "Free" and "freedom" are great psychological trigger words, but have little concrete meaning. To talk about "freeing" a region of the world from one system of Government to be ruled by another is always self serving.

Someone in a far away country may say "I will free America from Democracy and Christianity, and give them the freedom of following God's true word, as spoken to me."

Specific freedoms are something else. Don't "free" me from the society I live in, instead give my society the right of freedom of the press and give me freedom from search and seizure without due process. Don't "free" me, instead give me rights and choice, and make it the law. Ecetera here:[The United States Bill of Rights]

While Saddam's acts eclipse any bad acts Bush has done, there can be a mild comparison in thought processes. Power corrupts thought processes, and GWB has had the power of wealth and privilege all his life, living in a world where the rules you and I live with were not a consideration.

In his mind he is President for Life.

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