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Sunday, July 11, 2004
  Calling Elections Off: Democracy Postponed There is danger without, and there is an even greater danger within as the Government considers how to postpone elections.

The premise is that terrorists could attack the U.S. during an election, and that the Government should have the authority and a plan for rescheduling elections. Allowing the Government the power to postpone an election is an inherently dangerous proposition, however, and it shows little appreciation for the value of Democracy.

It is the responsibility of the people, the electorate, to vote, not because it is a nice day out, or convenient, or even safe. Voting is an act of bravery in much of the world, because it is an exercise of the people's power. In less established Democracies, one might be coerced or killed for voting. Voting freely, exercising Democracy, is one of the least safe things a person might do. We forget this, we forget what our wonderful U.S. Democracy offers us.

Dictators and Kings ensure a people's safety; democracies ensure a people's freedom.

Be brave and pick one. Show guts and vote.

No matter what.

[Google: election day violence] 
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