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Sunday, July 04, 2004
  HR 4077 - The Pirate Act Do you want to see the power of a self-concerned lobby in U.S. lawmaking? Get to know HR4077, The Pirate Act.

Some very intelligent people have been arguing in recent years over whether society would benefit from the re-examination of some intellectual property concepts, that we as a society need to think about shared knowledge and the public good; but what we've heard most loudly is the recording industries cries of foul over digital file sharing.

Copyright is a legal principle that should not be lessened or otherwise modified without great thought and public debate. Congress, however, is reacting to the music industry's lobbying by making copyright stronger; a general legal principle is being revised to appease an industry who is concerned over their profitability.

For every person that "gets" the Internet, there seems to be a retrogrouch who is scared of it (and the grouches have more money).

Read about HR4077 [here] or read [HR4077]. If you don't like it, tell them.

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